Mortgage Brokers 2010

MBRO-tinyStudy of the Mortgage Brokers ($5,000)

Based on numerous requests and inaccurate information in the press we believe there is a pressing need for data on mortgage brokers.    Our goal was to collect and summarize accurate mortgage market data to correct misrepresentations about the mortgage brokers in the press and among regulators.

The Study examines the following aspects of brokerages business:

  • Mortgage brokerage demographics
  • 2009 and first quarter 2010 production volume
  • Software vendors
  • Types of loans originated
  • Top wholesale lenders
  • Reasons to broker loans

The deliverable consists of 26 tables showing composite results, 16 pages of analysis and 6 time series charts.   The study is emailed to purchasers in a pdf format.

Table of Contents for Mortgage Brokers 2010

Mortgage Brokers 2010 will be Access Mortgage Research’s tenth major examination of the brokerage business and industry since 1991. The Study will extend and update the prior study by collecting, compiling and analyzing business and industry data, using statistically valid measurement techniques. We believe that no one else looking at brokers does this, and it’s all-important for decision making.

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